The stage was set on March 28, 2018 in Dubai’s Citywalk2 for Pret-A-Cover – an exclusive market event which focused solely on modest fashion. It featured some of the emerging designers and artists who are pioneering the art of looking glamorous through modesty and minimalism. The event was comprised of a fashion show which was done through cutting edge technology, as well as various shopping programs that allowed the audience to enjoy exciting deals from some of the best retailers and industry players of the modest industry.

The event continued till April 2 and was supported by the UAE government’s Islamic Economy Development Center. It has been announced that the event will be spreading across the globe in order to give aspiring designers a platform to showcase their work. In short, this event has acted as the starting point of the next global phenomenon, it has successfully put modest fashion on the map.

Photos by Mishel Green 

The event took place in Dubai’s Citywalk2


Showcasing some of the biggest names in modest fashion


While also giving upcoming names a chance to flaunt their talents


The event was successful in putting modest fashion in the map