A Modest Love Affair

Wearing a hijab doesn’t limit one’s style. In fact, it complements one’s outfit, creating an avenue to whirl up unique style statements that projects your personality. From accessorising your hijab with trinkets to donning a turban style with jeans and a long coat, there’s only so much you can do with the hijab. Do keep in mind that with the hijab, it’s best to opt for a neutral makeup look and minimal accessories. Say, if you wear earrings, skip on the neck piece and similarly, when you wear a chunky neck piece, skip on the earrings and opt for a thick bracelet of the same shade. Here are a few styles you can try out for the upcoming festive months.

Minimal makeup and accessories go best with a modest look
Who says modest can’t look glamorous?

Models: Samira, Moushum, Sadia

Makeover: Pinky Peya

Photographer: Sakib Muhtasim

Wardrobe and accessories: Noir