5 fashionable must-haves for this monsoon season

Its monsoon season y’all! Prepare yourself for overcast mornings and steady downpours that don’t quit for days. Yes, the rain can be romantic – provided you are somewhere warm and dry and cozy. But since duty calls and responsibilities beckon, braving the weather is the only option left. So make sure to have these 5 fashion essentials on you at all times so when the skies split open and the heavens pour, you can marvel at the sight while still remaining relatively dry.

First and foremost – The umbrella

Your own little roof

It goes without saying that it’s paramount you equip yourself with an umbrella during the rainy season. Give your hair, clothes and yourself the much needed shielding from the battering rain. Make sure to get something sturdy, like a collapsible or folding umbrella. And don’t be afraid to rock a printed or patterned one for a splash of color during these gray gloomy days.

Dress it up in a raincoat

Your best friend for the season

When the gusty wind picks up, pair your umbrella with a raincoat. Now you are a human fortress against the elements. So next time it looks like a ferocious storm is brewing, confidently step outside in a colorful PVC raincoat and own the day. If PVC is not your style then more fashionable options are open to you. Have fun with it!

No more raccoon eyes

Be a baller. not a bawler

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Rest your worries about having to deal with a smeared face when caught in an unforeseen shower. Invest in waterproof makeup like mascara and eyeliner to avoid looking like you were bawling your eyes out. Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean you can’t be your beautiful radiant self.

Gumboots for your tippy-toes

No more soaked shoes

Nothing is worse than blindingly walking through a wall of rain only to find your feet submerged in a wet swampy puddle. Spare yourself the terrible experience by becoming the proud owner of a brightly colored gumboot. There are many options to choose from. Tall, short, knee-length – there’s one for every outfit. You can be trend setter that gets the ball rolling on keeping one’s feet safe from cold muddy puddles.

Give your belongings a home

They like it warm and dry too

Whatever you do, do not forget to purchase a waterproof bag for all your daily essentials. Find one that suits your style. Go for a waterproof tote if you’re looking for a fashionable option. Keep your important documents and belongings safe and dry as you go about your days this monsoon season.