4 TV shows you can watch over the weekend

If you’ve got nothing planned out for the weekend, binging on tv shows is definitely you’re go-to. Especially if you’ve been stressed out all week and plan on staying home and just chillin’ out with your laptop and in your bed. Here are 4 TV shows that you could get yourself hooked to this weekend. 


Dark is a German science fiction thriller web series that debuted back in December, 2017. It is the first German language Netflix original series. Often compared to Stranger Things, many people feel as if Dark has a more compelling story line. 

The End of the F-ing world

The end of the f’ing world is a British dark comedy-drama with a seriously mucked up storyline. Based on a comic book series, it’s about two seventeen-year-old outsiders, James and Alyssa.  If you’re into dark humour, then this is definitely a show you should check out.

Altered Carbon

This is a science fiction series which takes place over 350 years in the future; in the year 2384. In the future, a person’s memories are downloaded into storage devices called “slacks” which can be transferred into different bodies, which they call “sleeves”.  The first few episodes can be difficult to watch due to its dense storyline, but if you can make it through the first season, it’s highly likely that you’ll realize that it was well worthy of your time.


Imagine a world where everything the voices inside your head tells you actually turns true! That’s the situation the main character David Haller aka legion finds himself in. He’s the son of our favourite professor Charles Xavier by the way. Man, Marvel is really taking over television!