In times of great adversity, we all look for a silver lining. Troll pages in current day and age are those silver linings. And anything or something that makes one find happiness in the darkest of times should be applauded. And not just for those times when we are down, but also in our day-to-day lives, when we need a reason to smile, these troll pages are unparalleled sources of happiness.

1. Murad Takla:

This page post content that are not strictly original but rather are derived from the profiles of ordinary people who post practically every illogical thing under the sun.

2. Rantages:

Arguably the most popular and hugely successful troll page in the Bangladesh trolling landscape that covers almost every trending topic and even sells its own merchandise.

3. Earki:

A page that keeps up with the times and also deals with various burning issues, including trending topics and especially controversial subjects without any care in the world.

4. Troll DU:

The biggest public university in the country warrants a troll page exclusively and that’s how this page was born. It goes without saying that the humor explored here is mostly University of Dhaka-centric.

5. Gorbito Dhabian:

University of Dhaka is an institution that keeps on giving, whether its inculcating the best minds in the country or having the best troll pages in the internet domain.

6. Bengali Memes:

Bengali culture has its own idiosyncrasies like every other culture. This page goes out of its way to highlight those very aspects. Though not as active as other pages on this list. It nonetheless, has some quality content that went viral quite easily.


7.  KaKa Kala Kauwwa:

One of the most daring pages out there that redefine new levels of trolling for the other troll pages, it also ensures that it sends relevant messages to its fans and the public in general.

8. Dick Teyder:

Run by Tanvir Teyder, this page has taken Meena memes and related humor to new levels of internet entertainment. From self-depreciating humor to jokes about burning issues, this page has it all.

There you go, a list for you to consult anytime you need to take your mind off saddening things or just find a reason to smile when there are millions of reasons to cry.

We thank the meme groups and the people who tirelessly keep our spirit up. However, these memes do not reflect Editorial Policies of ICE Today in any way.

Nusaira Hassan

Nusaira is a business student who prefers to be described as a writer. She is also an ardent Potterhead and a proud Slytherin, who never shies away from an opportunity to start a new book or come up with highly unfeasible business ideas. She is secretly a hardcore Bollywood fan.