“IT” lead Sophia Lillis to star in the new Nancy Drew movie.

Sophia Lillis, the 16-year-old actress, came into the limelight for her stunning role as Beverly Marsh in the blockbuster film adaption of Stephen King’s “It.” Now, she is all set to play another popular literary character. According to a new report, Lillis is going to be cast as the lead character in a new Nancy Drew movie called Nancy and the Hidden Staircase, which is based on the second book of the popular mystery series.

The mystery series was written by various authors under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. It is based on a high-school girl who solves mysteries with the help of her best friends, Bess Marvin and Georgia Fayne.

The story, written by Mildred Wirt Benson, was first published in 1930. Warner Bros. also picked up the series for a film adaptation on 1939. The story is based on a Victorian-era house and about two sisters who face a series of strange events, leading to the pair being accused of murder. Nancy must solve the mystery in order to save the sister.

Warner Bro. also released another Nancy Drew movie starring Emma Roberts as the lead. It was directed by Andrew Fleming which grossed $30 million worldwide. For the recent film adaption, the producers are Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman from A Very Good Production Company, along with Chip Diggins. Wendy Williams is executive producing the film that’s scheduled to start in May.

Lillis made her acting debut in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in 2014. The veteran actress will soon be seen in HBO’s eight-episode drama series “Sharp Objects.” She is represented by Abrams Artists, Untitled Entertainment, and attorney Ryan LeVine.