Follow these 5 simple tips to stop your feet from smelling bad this summer

With summer getting hotter as the days go by, expect your old nemesis smelly feet to be a more frequent visitor in our daily lives. It can be a bit difficult to put up with 250,000 pores on each foot sweating this humid season and you’ll need to take measures to not let the reek define you. These 5 simple steps to stop your feet from smelling, and reclaim the summer.

Show off your Footwear

Summer is perfect to show off your shoe collection. Instead of relying on your trusted pair of flats or easy-to-slip-on sneakers, rotate your footwear every two days. This gives the soles of your shoes a chance to breathe and dry out, preventing them for emanating funky fragrances.

Cotton Socks

Do your feet a favor and steer clear of nylon socks. Depending on your choice, either cotton socks or a cotton-synthetic hybrid will serve you best. Refrain yourself from wearing closed-in shoes sans socks, because the perspiration will soak into the shoes and stink for days.


Try out this home remedy to better prevent the stench of the stinky foot. Soak your feet in a combination of one part apple cider vinegar, and two parts water. Do it for 15 minutes, twice a day to reduce bacterial growth and to prevent your feet from sweating.

Powder for absorption

You can go for good ol’ baby powder, or even baking powder will do the trick. It is an inexpensive way to absorb the moidture. Sprinkle some in your shoes, or dab some on your feet to stay dry and fresh as you walk through your days.

Organize & Order

Chucking well-worn shoes together into a heaping musty pile – where germs thrive – is ill-advised. Neatly arrange your shoes, and make sure to try on a different pair in a steady rotation. Add a thorough wash to the routine, to rid yourself of any unsavory scents this summer.

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favorite tracks, she fancies poetry.