Floral hairstyles to try out this Boishakh

Tis the season to bloom. And it’s finally time to upgrade your hairstyle to suit the sunshine. With Boishakh knocking at our door, you better gear up and bring your A-game if you are to steal the show. And when we say Boishakh, we definitely can’t do without floral crowns and bracelets. However, as much as flowers can add elegance and grace to any hairstyle, there’s a good chance of you looking extra and turning yourself into a mobile, mini garden. With the heat and pollution, you either go elementary or go home. Here are some simple yet festive floral hairstyles that will make you stand out in the crowd for sure.

Bun-dle of joy

Easy-peasy, breezy! Just tie your hair up in a knot to avoid the neck sweat in the heat, while you’re out all day on Boishakh. Loosely twist the ponytail around and pin it flat on the crown of your head. Taking bobby pins, place a combination of flowers of all sizes in an asymmetric manner around and onto the bun that you just created.

Fishtail with panta

Part your hair in the middle or on one side. Taking a section in the front, twist and bring to the back; secure with an elastic. Make a fishtail braid with the rest of the hair that you just tied. Pin flowers to your liking under the twisted portion of the hair to make a half-crown. Make sure the flowers are medium to small in size; otherwise, it’ll cover your twist and braid.

Love me florals

If you’re crazy about flowers, this is the hairdo for you. Section your hair on one side. Work on the side with the lesser hair and tightly secure all the hair behind your ears, making it look sleek and neat. Now, do a half-French braid with the rest of the hair and wrap it around the sleek portion of the hair close to your ear. Pull the strands of the braid with your fingers to give it a fuller effect. Place flowers on the sleek portion of the hair making sure that the braid is visible.

Blush like a rose

Part your hair horizontally in half and make three ponytails across the parting. Do three braids with the tied hair and pull one side of the braid with your hand very carefully, as to keep it intact at the same time. Twist them around the knot and secure with bobby pins. Once you’re done with this step, it should look like a rose. Place a small rose or a flower of your choice on the centre and voila!



Hair & Makeup: Jumman Hawladar

Model: Chandni, Marshuka, Simmi