The room was filled with curiosity in the air. Future photographers seated themselves politely awaiting yet another exciting workshop on photography. This time, the genre was ‘landscape photography’. The third session of Muhammad Shibly’s initiative to conduct 12 workshops on different genres of photography took place at Daffodil International University this March.  Following his aim to introduce emerging photographers to different genres of photography, Shibly divided the session into three parts for an in-depth analysis of the genre.

Enthusiastic participants of Landscape Photography workshop at DIU

In the first part, Shibly introduced the members of Daffodil International University photography club to the basics of landscape photography. To give them a clear idea of the concept, he shared a few of his photographs with the enthusiasts in the room. The next two parts were about the history and types of landscape photography. Illustration of critically acclaimed photographs like Afghan landscape and works of Shahidul Alam ignited immense interest in the emerging photographers who attended the workshop. To the ones who are interested in landscape photography, Shibly advised them to focus more on themes. “Maximise the depth of field. Look for a focal point which will be the highlight of your work. Don’t keep too many distractions in a photo, otherwise, it’ll lose its simplicity,’’ suggested Shibly.

After a four-hour long session, the attendees took full advantage of the opportunity to shoot their opinions and thoughts in an interactive question-answer session. Seeing such enthusiasm among the photographers present there, there is no doubt that these sessions will surely help cultivate talented young visionaries in the field of photography.