The summer sun breathes down our neck, causing our pores to produce ample amounts of sweat which can be quite embarrassing for us. Although it’s our body’s natural reaction to cool down our sweltering insides, some of us more prone to it than others. Here are 5 ways to keep cool and prevent yourself from sweating bullets.  

Easy on the Caffeine

Most of us look forward to that early morning shot of caffeine to kick-start our days. Bonnie Taub, a registered dietitian says, “Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which activates your sweat glands—so the more caffeine you drink, the more you end up perspiring.” Swap your cup of hot drink with a cold brew, for that much needed jolt of energy without waking up your sweat glands.

Antiperspirant is a friend

An awkward by-product of the scorcher are soaking pits and the stench that comes with it. Deodorants go so far as to mask any unpleasant smells, but it does little to prevent sweating. Choose a deodorant with antiperspirant. The aluminum salts in antiperspirants will plug up your sweat glands and lessen the sweat reaching your skin. You can breeze through your days, staying clean and smelling great.

Dress for the season

According to Dr. Krant, Laser& Skin Surgery Center of New York, “If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, opt for a cool and breathable fabric like cotton or linen.” Clothes with water-wicking fabric like work out gear help keep you dry by absorbing the sweat. The same goes for feet. Don’t go barefeet in closed toe shoes, because the dark swampy interior is a perfect breeding ground for smelly bacteria. Opt for cotton socks, which will absorb sweat better than any other synthetic material.

Keep pimples at bay

With our sweat glands working overtime in summer, clogged pores are an inescapable problem as they result in your skin breaking out with pesky pimples. Excessive sweating brings the dirt from the scalp onto the skin, which further worsens the problem. This season make sure you add a lightweight, SPF-packed moisturiser to your skin-care regimen to let your pores breathe. For better measure, keep face wipes in your bag to cleanse and hydrate your skin.

A little trim

Let’s not beat around the bush about this. Hair follicles trap sweat and promotes bacteria growth which gives rise to all sorts of foul odour. Spare yourself the discomfort by keeping your pits and groin region shaved this summer. It will reduce moisture and prevent sweat from accumulating. Moreover, it will allow air to reach the skin and keep it cool, while letting the sweat evaporate.



Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favorite tracks, she fancies poetry.