Thailand Elite brings a rejoicing and luxurious life abroad

Thailand is known to be the land of smiles. This is the place where opportunities abound. Tourists find immense pleasure every time they visit this country, no matter how many times they had been there before. This is like paradise placed on earth for fun seekers and nature lovers. This eternally sensuous, supremely beautiful, languidly hospitable, kingdom remains unchanged in terms of welcoming foreigners into their country. Therefore, they fall in love with the beauty of this country so much that they prefer to visit quite often. And sometimes, they decide to stay there for good. Though Thailand is an easy choice for tourists looking for amazing places to travel and great attractions, getting permission to be allowed to enter the country is not as easy.

The process of applying for a Thai Visa is a complex, costly and sometimes too long of a process. Although applying for a 30-day visa is a simple process, applying for visas for a longer stay, to visit 2-3 times in a year, or the residence visa, is quite a troublesome process. This is where the concierge services of Thailand Elite come into play.

This special program is offering seven different types of services regarding visa procession. They have a range from five to 20-year residence visas. The Elite Ultimate Privilege, Elite Privilege Access and Elite Easy Access are some of the most popular services that Thailand Elite are offering.

The Elite Ultimate Privilege option is the gold standard, providing a 20-year residence visa with complimentary VIP services for applicants over of the age of 20. This package includes a number of bespoke VIP assistance, hospitality and government concierge services, along with complimentary Thailand golf packages and spa treatments. And the one-time entry fee for this option is approximately $60,000, with an annual fee of approximately $600.

The Elite Privilege Access option is tailored specifically for applicants with families, and provides a 10-year residence visa valid for each family member, along with complimentary VIP services. The one-time fee is approximately $30,000 for the main applicant and $22,500 for each dependent, with no annual fees or age restrictions. Dependents may include parents, step-parents, spouses, children, and step-children.

Meanwhile, the Elite Easy Access option provides a five-year residence visa and is a popular option for expats or entrepreneurs seeking to enter and exit the country regularly without hassle. (The Thailand residence visa is non-transferrable, but can be upgraded to the Elite Ultimate Privilege option for approximately $45,000.)

By taking the service of Thailand Elite, the visa can be received within less than a month. After getting one of the services of this program, anyone can stay there as much as they want within the validity of their selected service. After the validity ends, the service holder can extend the period every year with a fixed charge. This offer can be one of the most attractive for the people who are preferring to make Thailand their residence. These offers of Thailand Elite can even make the tax giving worthwhile and reasonable for foreigners who want to make Thailand their home.

Photograph: Courtesy of Thailand Elite