Stepping up your eye-lining game

There are more ways than one to lining your eyes; from a basic cat eye to the smoky look, a kajal is indeed a gem for every makeup kit. However, getting perfectly kohled lids can be a struggle; add shaky hands to the equation and you have the perfect concoction for a temper tantrum.  Before you chuck your kajal out the window, try out these dramatic looks without breaking a sweat!



Let’s start with the simplest, most basic one. For this, you’ll need a steady hand. If you want to be extra careful, place a regular tape on the outer corner of your eye where you will be drawing the wing. Taking a black kajal, put dots on the upper lash line in order to make a trail for your liner. Then, taking an eyeliner, draw over the dots extending the wings outwards, as much as you see fit. Extend the liner in the inner corner towards the nose ever so slightly. Make sure the eyeliner is thin and not too fat. If you have smaller, hooded eyes with very petite lid area, don’t be hopeless for this look is perfect for features like yours.



For those with monolid shape, you may think that going full dark black on the lids may make the eyes appear smaller, however, creating a thick eyeliner will give a more defined look. Carefully draw a line across the crease with your eyeliner, slightly extending it outwards. Now fill in the whole lid with your eyeliner. To make your look more interesting, draw a square wing instead of a thin, pointy one. Clean the edges and shape the liner with concealer. For additional oomph, draw fake lashes under the lower lashes with your eyeliner.



As for the other types of eyes with a more space around the lid, draw moderately thin lines, one across your upper eyelash, and the other across the crease. In order to draw a neat line across the crease, you can use the dotting technique mentioned in the first look. Wipe off smudges with a thin precision concealer brush. Now, taking a glitter of any shade of your choice, draw over the black eye liner very carefully; in a dabbing  motion, rather than a swiping motion so the glitter stays in place.


Makeup & Hair: Splendor by Aneeka Bushra

Photographer: SakibMuhtasim

Models: Antora, Bembem, Tasnim

Words & concept: Raisa Rahim