Your guide to comfortable and stylish spring office-wear

Not everyone has the luxury or lenient rules in the office space like Google or BuzzFeed. For most of you, dressing up in the most professional manner is not an option; it’s absolutely mandatory. While there is the luxury of air conditioning in majority of offices in the city, it can be quite tricky on your wardrobe. Plain and simple, winter left a long time ago and the sun is on full blast.

Spring/summer collections are pushing their latest trends and it’s time for all you stylish gentlemen to update your wardrobe with the right threads.

The obvious upgrades

Suits in cotton and linen fabrics are going to be your best friend for the remainder months until monsoon season kicks in. It needs to be light in weight and breathable for all the obvious reasons.

The sweaters have come and gone with winter, so it’s time to swap it out with crisp and clean polo shirts with your suit jacket or blazer. Keep things uniform and as simple as possible, and make sure the polo shirts are in monochromatic order. Stick with the basics to keep things versatile: black, grey, navy, maroon.

Brighter days require appropriate colours for your spring wardrobe. Lighter shades of colours should fill most of your closet. Light blue, light grey and the alike are favoured within the hotter months.

Unsung heroes

Popover shirts are ridiculously comfortable, just enough space to blur the lines of casual and semi-formal. It’s a crossover between a dress shirt and a polo shirt. With only three to four buttons, this lightweight item can be your go-to for those lazy days.

Whenever possible, take a page out of Tom Ford’s book and take the tie off once you’ve entered the office. Well, that’s only if the tie isn’t mandatory. Less restraint on your neck makes for a cooler and relaxing experience.

The only sophisticated characteristic of a t-shirt will be the quality of fabric and cut. Don’t bother with the brand or expensive labels. Well-kept t-shirts, in the crispiest conditions, can be a solid option for casual Thursdays or Saturdays at the office with your suits.

No-show socks should be worn throughout the year. Unless, of course, it’s winter. The whole idea is to keep your foot odour restrained while showing off your ankles with any type of shoes you wear.

Just relax

Another key styling tip is to add more relaxed-fit suits, pants and jackets to your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you put on baggy clothes, it just means your clothes won’t be the standard, slim-fit kind.

A fresh pair of white sneakers to a slightly darker contrast outfit is the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing image you can put out.

In addition (or subtraction in this case), less layers are in order once you step out the office. Go ahead and pair a boxy short-sleeve shirt with cuffed chinos. Straight out of Europe, the uber-classy, casual look has the right amount of cool for an effortless look. Keeping all of this in mind, you’re spring wardrobe will provide a significant statement into your style game.

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Mahmood Hossain

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