With summer comes heat, sticky humidity, sweat and the real horror of breakouts. Take these 5 measures to stop your skin from breaking out into acnes this hot season.

Wash Your Face

It might not seem like a nugget of wisdom, but during summer months washing your face is your sure-fire bet to keep the acnes at bay. Due to the sweat and humidity, pores can easily become clogged making your skin the perfect breeding ground for breakouts. Wash your face as regularly as you can to ensure your pores remain clean. Throw in a couple sachets of makeup cleaner in your bag for when you are on the run

Tone It Down

Sooth and detoxify your skin by adding a toner to your skin care routine. If you are prone to oily skin, then use a double-duty toner pad that also contains salicylic acid. Ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide help draw in the excess oil, keeping your skin light so it can breathe. You can also opt for a toner enriched with antioxidants, also with aloe vera which will soothe and detoxify your skin.

A Light Moisturizer

This summer change up your moisturizing routine. Lose your thick creamy moisturizer, and replace it with a lighter SPF cream. Thick moisturizers clog up your pores, and also attract dirt, not letting your skin breathe. Choose a water-based or gel-based moisturizer this summer, to prevent your skin from breaking out.

Eat Light

Subtract fatty foods from your diet. Refined sugars don’t help either. Instead keep your diet light by adding a ton of citrus fruits and sprouts. Also incorporate fiber-rich foods, as this will prevent constipation and also keep the acne in check.

Be preemptive

Take the reins in your hand, and get ahead of the breakouts before they get to you. Applying a thin layer of benzoyl-peroxide before falling asleep. It will prevent unnecessary flare ups. It will also kill any bacteria, keeping your skin clean, preventing the painful protrusion of an annoying pimple.