Get gorgeous and healthy hair from the root to tip with these simple remedies

Having naturally beautiful hair in a time of pollution, harsh weather, styling products and extensive straightening and curling seems like a distant dream. Before you know it, you’re left with a colossal forehead and just four strands of hair on your scalp to cover it. But it doesn’t have to be this way; show you hair some basic TLC and it’ll both go and GROW a long way. Here are few quick and easy practices that can give you strong voluminous hair if followed religiously

Oiling is essential

Just like your body, your hair too needs nutrition; and nothing replenishes deathly dry hair better than oil.  As time consuming as it may be, a good oil massage stimulates your scalp which in turn encourages the growth of healthy hair. However, choosing the right oil can often be quite a conundrum as hair and scalp varies from person to person. But with that being said, much of this stress of picking the right oil has been reduced with the arrival of Kumarika in the market.

Made with 100% natural extracts of amla, aloe vera and brahmi, Kumarika Hair Oil is a saving grace for those of you who are battling the odds against hair fall and hair damage. Not only is it engineered to combat hair fall, but it also ensures that your hair stays beautiful from AM to PM. Come rain or shine, with Kumarika Hair Oil in your life you’re good to go.

Providing your hair with ample nutrition is vital for it to grow. Use oil to ease up the process.

Wash and rinse

You don’t necessarily have to wash your hair everyday; in fact much of this depends on the type of hair you have. For instance, if you have dry hair then you should wash it every third day; hair that’s oil needs to be washed every other day, however, if the grease buildup is too much then you can go all out with the washing. If your hair is somewhere between not too dry or not too oily, then feel free to wash it every other day or every three days. Be wary as washing it too much can prevent the natural oils from restoring in your hair which can eventually result in hair damage.

Hot water is a no-no

You know what’s worse than having oily hair? Having no hair at all; and that’s what might just happen if you scrub-a-dub-dub your mane with oodles of hot water. Showering excessively with hot water can strip your hair off of its protective oils which serve as natural conditioner. Comparatively, lukewarm water is more befitting for the hair as it doesn’t rid your hair off of its natural shine.

Finding the right shampoo

Often, we find ourselves stuck in the shampoo aisle for more than 10 minutes, sorting through the pretty colours of shampoo, admiring the packaging and forgetting the main issue at hand…OUR HAIR TYPE. There’s no point of purchasing a pretty pink bottle of hair fall shampoo if you’ve got oily hair. Hence it’s key to do some research on hair types to understand the options that fits you the best.

Do research work on any and every products which you may use for your hair as they have different effects on different hair types

Invest in good conditioner

Despite knowing the uses of a conditioner, many of us make the silly mistake of using it like shampoo. While shampooing is meant for the scalp and the hair, conditioning only applies for the hair. When conditioning, leave the scalp out of this as it may only make your hair even oilier; just slather it on your hair to give it that shine and moisture it deserves.

Steer clear of hair dyes

We’re all guilty of modifying our tresses every now and then; while the occasional trim and styling doesn’t hurt much, colouring the hair blonde, blue, brown or every other shade that’s in a rainbow might just not bode well for you.  The harsh chemicals in hair dyes can damage your hair, provided you paint your hair a new hue every two months.  Although this is easier said than done, but try to stick to your natural hair colour; but if your heart wants what it wants, then do it infrequently. And whatever colour you choose, make sure it’s within three shades of your original hair colour.

Change of diet

Eating healthy may seem equivalent to making mountains move, but to be honest it’s not that difficult. Since hair is another part of our body, it requires nourishment in order for it to grow long and strong. Nutrients like flaxseed oil, salmon, tuna, walnuts and almonds are essential fatty acids that benefits in the growth and health of our hair. In addition to that, bananas, potatoes and spinach are things you could snack on as these are loaded in Vitamin B6. Need folic acid? Say hello to fresh fruits and veggies, particularly citrus fruits, whole grains, tomatoes and lentils.

Ease up on the styling

Braids, buns, ponytails and pigtails; the amount of twisting and knotting our hairs go through gives your average jilapi makers a run for their money. Try not to tie your hair too tight as it can cause damage and breakage. If you must style them, do it in a way which doesn’t tug at the roots of your hair; while you’re at it, make sure you let them loose at night and keep the styling to a minimum.

Take it easy on your hair, the more style you try on it, the more you damage it

Keep it shaded from the sun

Our hair is no different from our skin; so it’s no surprise that the rays of the sun will smite our crown just like it does to the skin we wear.  Exposure to the sun can dry out your hair; add a coloured hair to that concoction and you have yourself a recipe for a broken heart. But all is not lost; if you’re out on a bright and sunny day just try covering your hair with a scarf or a hat; keep at it and you’re golden.