The Banani Road 13 Park has been a part of the area for ages. Between the large apartments, age old houses, and the scuffle of crickets in the evening and joggers, Shokhudo 101 serves up a taste of all dishes inspired by the flavours of wasabi and fresh fish.

Their postmodern attention cutlery is a stark contrast to the authentic Japanese; they’ve seamlessly merged the best of traditional Japanese – the tour de force of globalised flavours. Let the waiters greet you with their Tuna Tartare, the dish is nothing short of letting the taste of the fish let it speak for itself. It’s nestled on a bed of avocados just waiting to be dipped in soy.

Tuna Tartare

Now, if you want to feast your eyes on an assortment and the mastery of seafood the Japanese have taken centuries to hone, you can skim down to the Assorted Sushi. A minimal black table full of treats is about to come your way. Not only are you tasting premium rolls and maki, you’ll notice an emerald green roll of seaweed wrapped in nori paper. It is a subtle indication that you’ve let experts who understand the refreshment of this underwater treasure handle your meal. And while the sushi assortment is astonishing, please take the time to appreciate the house-made wasabi. A pinch in your soy is enough for that pungent kick that sushi lovers crave.

Assorted Sushi Platter

After you’ve tried the minimal, surprise yourself as your server opens a steaming basket of Shumai. It’s a slow motion picture as the pearly orange tobiko rolls of the piping dim sum.  You might wonder what you should be sipping at this point of the meal because water just won’t cut it. The cocktail waiter is an expert at shaking up some berry concoctions, citrus burst or sweet refreshment (Blue Lagoon, Raspberry Mocktail, and Lychee Mojito)

The Blue Lagoon, Raspberry Mocktail, and Lychee Mojito will hit you with a burst of freshness

The chef cuts his meats with the precision of his more seaside dishes. The pink thin slices of Yam Beef are devilishly dressed with the signature sweet syrupy sauce and bits of bright red chilies. Be prepared to pick up a mouthful of textures with the crisp salad that nestles this tender treat.

Yam Beef

Coconut milk- thick, sweet and tropical- is a staple for main courses and deserts in the other parts of Eastern Asia. The dessert masterminds start with a warm bowl of sticky rice and lavishly dress it with fresh coconut milk. If this wasn’t enough, the Sticky Rice Pudding (Sticky Rice Pudding with Mangoes) is accompanied with the luscious ripeness of fresh mangoes.

Sticky rice pudding

Photographs by Rafi Azim

Ashfaque Zaman

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