SRK has not only won our hearts with his charismatic, romantic roles in the reel life, but has made us fall in love with him in real life too. His humble, caring and loving nature has given millions a reason to say, “Love you, zindagi,” and helped him win the humanitarian award in Davos. Here are four reasons why we think King Khan is worthy of the prestigious Crystal Award.

Shah Rukh Khan does hundreds of interviews per year and to all of our surprise, he donates all of that to charity. Selfless is an understatement.

Shah Rukh accepting the Crystal Award at Davos

They say, to ensure a nation’s prosperity, you must ensure education. Not only is he an intelligent man, but is a visionary. He knows that for India to reach the pinnacle of success, education of the people must be ensured. Hence, his contribution in India’s education sector is unparalleled.

Here’s an anecdote from the Badshah of Bolloywood’s recent past. He once bore the expense of a reporter who had just gotten injured minutes after interviewing him. Noble deed, indeed.

Let’s not forget his contributions in helping women who have been victims to the crude act of acid attack. He and his foundation, Meer, have helped give these women a new life not only with monetary assistance but more importantly with psychological support. He has helped give these women a new life.

Over the years, Shah Rukh Khan has not only impressed us with his acting, intelligence and wits but also with his whole heartedness. He has become an inspiration for us all, being the beacon of light which teaches and inspires us to do good.

Ali Sakhi

Ali Sakhi Khan is a contributing writer at ICE Today. When he is not writing, he is cracking lame jokes with hopes of making people laugh