Regardless of their age or occupation, women have a passion towards beauty care and fashion. To answer any queries which they may have regarding the topic, Wardah Cosmetics has taken the initiative to organise the biggest fashion and beauty related talk show for Bangladeshi women. With the intention of assisting women to reach their beauty goals quicker, Wardah Inspiring Beauty is set to bring two designated experts from their respective fields as guests per episode. The episodes will be released on the first Friday afternoon of every month where a live audience will engage in a Q&A session with the panellists.

The first episode took place earlier this month with special guests Nahil Hedayet and Roxana Mariam Rasheed

But the questions are not only limited to members of the audience, as women from every corner of the country will be able to communicate with the experts through social media and phone calls. They’ll be able to obtain desired tips and opinions from the experts for upcoming seasons. The first episode of the 12-episode series took place on the February 2, 2018, and it was graced by beauty expert Nahil Hedayet and fashion designer Roxana Mariam Rasheed. Besides answering any queries of the viewers, the two panellists also shared various personal experiences to inspire others. ‘Wardah Inspiring Beauty believes that the true beauty of a woman comes from being able to benefit people and society through the exposition of their inner creativity, work and dedication. It’s not only through appearances. Symon AnMi, the official business partner of Wardah Cosmetics – the only authentic Halal cosmetics in Bangladesh – has indicated that the event will act as a supportive media for women who want to be more confident through the manifestation of their beauty and inner beliefs. Wardah Cosmetics has paired up with ICE Today, Bangla Tribune, Canvas, The Financial Express, Kaler Kantho, Radio Shadhin, Somoy TV and as event and media partners to make the show a bigger success. The second episode is scheduled for March 9, 2018 and will be featuring makeup artist Navin Ahmed and fashion icon Azrin Alom.

You can watch the show and stay updated on Wardah’s latest products through their social media.

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