The truth about the idea of beauty today is a wrapped up photoshopped version of celebrities who are already blessed with good looks (or blessed by a ‘surgeon’). The recent pictures of an Iranian teen, Sahar Tabar is a horrific depiction of our obsession of looking like the flawless celebrities.

Sahar before her extreme transformation.
Now she is being compared to an 8 month old corpse by her instagramfollowers.

The 19 year old Sahar is believed to have gone under the knife over 50 times, just to look like her ideal, Angelina Jolie. The sad reality is, Sahar is not the first one to undergo such extreme transformation to achieve the ideal beauty. Back in 2014, the human Barbie Lolita Richi became the talk of the town due toher 20 inch waist and plain facial features just like Barbie.

The human Barbie apparently removed bones from her ribcage to get this figure.

The recent addition to the list is Kylie Jenner. Specially her famous pouty lips. From teenagers to grown up girls, everyone now desires to have plump lips like Kylie. But most of the attempts have ended in disastrous results.

These examples are just a small number.

Some might blame these girls for having unnatural beauty expectations. But do they have any ‘natural’ standard to live up to? All we see is images of perfect people getting ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. So who is to blame in this situation? We leave that up to you to decide.