From everyone’s favourite serial killer to America’s 35th President – Michael C Hall returns to the screen in The Crown

After a long hiatus, Michael C Hall is all set to return to the screens to flex his acting muscles. Reviving the iconic 35th American president John F Kennedy in an interesting new spin, Michael C Hall joins the cast of the hit British royal family drama The Crown.

This was met with excited anticipation, as fans have been eagerly waiting for TV’s favourite serial killer to make a splash again. Hall, who last ruled over the hearts of fans as emotionally complex and morally conscious blood-thirsty Dexter, brings the similar attention to detail in his role as JFK.

Instead of playing the late president as the champion of people, Hall delves between the layers and depicts a side of JFK never seen before. Apart from the magnetism of Michael C Hall, Season 2 of The Crown offers viewers yet another riveting set of episodes loaded with period-piece eye candy while maneuvering through the timeline of 1955 – 1964 of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Claire Foy will return in her Golden Globe winning role as Queen Elizabeth, alongside Matt Smith as Prince Phillip – and together they will tackle the marital woes plaguing their marriage. Vanessa Kirby reprises her role as the convention flouting Princess Margaret – whose love life will be further explored in the season.

Michael C Hall alongside Jodi Balfour on the sets of The Crown Season 2

Aside from the insight into the royal family’s personal life, season 2 of The Crown will cover a number of important historical events – the Suez crisis, the assassination of JFK and the Profumo Affair.

If the allure of royal political intrigue and stately production sets all neatly packaged in sumptuous acting doesn’t make you binge watch The Crown – then at least let Dexter incite even the faintest of curiosity in your lizard brain.

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

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