SCICCOSO presents 12 pairs of dapper shades to spruce you up for the coming season

Sunglasses are literally a reflection of your persona. The shade that you wear, speaks volumes of your personality. Thanks to SCICCOSO, you can now pick from a wide variety of sunglasses and you can select the shade that best complements your personality. Let’s check them out:

This cat-eye shaped pair of glasses will add a touch of vintage and glam to your appearance. If you want to look like a Barbie doll then opt for this pair. The sleek rim will add definition to your face.
If you want to break out of the conventional square and round shapes, then these shades are your perfect match.
Risk taking is not your forte? Don’t worry, this shade from SCICCOSO is the perfect pair to keep it simple yet stylish.
This transparent shade is for people who are like an open book. If you don’t like to hide those expressive eyes then go for this one.
Do you feel like an 80’s soul stuck in today’s century? Then aspire your inner retro look with this funky shade from SCICCOSO.
Choose this pair if you pull off the crop top look. This would be the perfect choice to go for a Saturday afternoon brunch with your squad.
Still a diehard fan of Robocop? Then this classic pair of shades is your go-to.
This shade will add perfect symmetry to your beach look. So if you’re planning a trip to Cox’s Bazar, then don’t forget to pack this pair.
This pair is for all the Fashionistas out there. If you are known for keeping up with trends then missing this shade in your collection will be a sin!
We all know a girl who is the tomboy of the group. If you know someone like that, give these shades to them. Can’t think of the tomboy of your group? Then it’s probably you.
SCICCOSO has something for the classics too. Choose this pair if the classic Aviator is still your style statement.
This shade is for the ones who are the life of every party. This cheerful purple pair of sunglasses will accentuate the colourful side of your personality.

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