Grab these new items at Gloria Jean’s while they’re hot!

Be it breakfast, lunch or even a date with yourself, Gloria Jean’s can easily be your place of respite. So whether it’s a hearty breakfast with friends or a cup of hot latte with colleagues, you will find yourself being drawn to this café again and again. So go ahead, make your pick!

Mexican Breaky

Tk 326

There isn’t a better way to start the day than with a wholesome breakfast. Mexican Breaky lives up to its name as being a deliciously spicy and scrumptious South American meal. The heart of the dish is the chicken sausages cooked in spicy tomato sauce, onions and fresh green capsicums.  This is neither too bland nor peppery breakfast is accompanied with sliced toasted milk rolls and stir fried mushrooms. Overall, Mexican Breaky provides good value for taste that serves your appetite right.

Caramel Latte

Tk 265 (small)

The classic Gloria Jeans favourite, Caramel Latte is an ideal partner for the breakfast! The delicious blend will revitalize your mornings and hit you with dopamine. The latte is swirled to perfection by the experts and designed with the flavours of caramel to quench your coffee craving and treat you eyes.

Grilled Dory

Tk 600

A chef special on the menu, this one creates quite a buzz among foodies. The legendary Bengali dish Shorshe Ilish was the chef’s muse while crafting the idea of a flawlessly balanced dish. Keeping the essence of Bangali Cuisine and fusing it with a steak, the chef balanced the mildly flavoured Dory fillet with the tangy mustard sauce, and prepares this wholesome dish for the folks who are Bengalis at heart. The tender fish is garnished with mustard sauce and paired with aromatic garlic rice that complements both pungent and zesty poles.  It comes with stir fried seasonal vegetables and mustard topped potato salad that completes the fulfilling dish.

Crème Brulee Latte

Tk 265 small

Blending white chocolate, caramel, milk and espresso- this one is a caffeine masterpiece. It is generously topped with whipped cream, drizzled in soft caramel for your sweet cravings.

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