Smelling good has an invisible effect on how people perceive you. As the saying goes, ‘First impression is the last impression’ hence make sure to always leave a long lasting impression on everyone that you encounter. And what could be the best way to do that then smelling great!  Let’s take a look at few fragrances for men that will surely make some heads turn.

Bvlgari Man in Black 100 ml
Tk 7820

Bvlgari Man in Black 100 ml

If you want to feel like a Greek God then Bvlgari Man in Black is just the right fragrance for you. Its intense composition of amber, leather, spices and woods will give you a musky scent. The spiciness is strong hence we suggest you spritz just a little. It should be enough for a night out. And ladies, beware!

Givenchy Gentleman only Intense EDT 100ml
Tk 7878

Givenchy Gentleman only Intense EDT

Want something bold and sensual and yet subtle and woody? Then Gentleman Only Intense by Givenchy is your fragrance. This fragrance has the equilibrium mixture of spices and aroma. The touch of a signature woody character reinforced with spices, green mandarin oil, black pepper, leather and amber tail will give you the perfect balance of sexy and subdued.

M.Micallef the Exclusive collection 100ml
Tk 20,000

M.Micallef the Exclusive collection

The new exclusive collection by M.Micallef is a journey between East and West, inspired by encounters, legends and customs. Aoud wood from this collection contains fragrance treasures; perfectly sublimating the elegance of flowery and spicy notes mixed with the power of a majestic ingredient.This rarest and precious essence will give you a unique character. This exceptional collection is the first form developed by Martine Micallef.

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