Uncaging 9 wonderful tracks by Xefer Rahman on August 25 at Star Cineplex

A quick browse through the latest Bangladeshi artistes on YouTube will always show you suggestions of a myriad covers performed by Xefer Rahman. And why not? Her voice, her style, her signature hairdo: everything’s got badass written all over it. While this stellar star needs no introduction, her latest album however does. *Cue Drumrolls*…

Yes, Xefer is finally set to release her very own solo album, Uncaged, at Star Lounge, Star Cineplex at Bashundhara City Mall on August 25. The album is produced by Nagib Haque under the label Jadughor.

During a little chitchat with the artiste herself, we learnt a thing or two about what the album holds. For starters it has 9 sensational tracks that’ll lift your spirits as they each evoke various emotions. How does Xefer’s Uncaged stand out? Her uniqueness is stitched into every tune and lyric; simply put, her personality, fashion statement and her boldness shines through in this album. “It feels different; I get to discover a new part of me. Also, I get the freedom to say whatever I want through my songs,” she exclaims. Prior to releasing her first single, Xefer was slightly worried about what the responses may be; but with her voice it was written to be nothing but fantastic. “I got great responses from my originals so I’m hoping they’ll like this too,” she says.

Uncaged entails her own stories, some revolving around her father, others depicting her personality. The title Uncaged was chosen to describe the 9 songs that the album comprises as it explores elements like freedom and boldness-characteristics that are hers alongside events that surround her. Xefer quotes that songs like Somebody and Lonewolf are solely based on herself as well as her relationship with her father. She holds a personal connection with these two tracks in particular.

For the fans, Xefer recommends songs like Blind and Better than That, alongside Lonewolf. Set to unveil in two days, Uncaged is an album that brings to light the strength and passion of the musical genius we know as Xefer. So swing by Star Lounge, Star Cineplex at Bashundhara City Mall to grab your copy of this amazing album!