Today marks the late pop king Michael Jackson’s 59th birthday

Whether you’re from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, you can’t help but admit that Michael Jackson is one artiste that has been as constant as the guiding star when it comes to pop music. So it goes without saying that the moonwalks and pelvic thrusts that we’ve all learnt is from this larger than life personality. But as fate may have it, he was taken away from us way too early. However his wonderful soul lives among us in the form of his songs.


We remember him through quirky songs like Black or White where he along with his pal Macaulay Culkin get their groove on; songs like Thriller still manages to entertain us with its horror elements. Despite living in the day and age of CGI and SFX makeovers, a video as simple as thriller still holds a special corner in our hearts. And who could forget tracks like Billie Jean, Beat it, You Rock My World, Remember the Time and of course Smooth Criminal?

Needless to say, the list of MJ favourites are indeed long; and why shouldn’t it be? Every song is as good as its video; never again will the world witness the music and magic that’s the same calibre as MJ’s.

~Having said that we wish the late legend a very happy birthday.