Love speaks a multitude of languages; while some find gestures like candlelit dinners heartfelt and sincere, others simply find joy in sharing similar passions. Take Nazia Hassan and Zubair Mohammad for example; the two have sculpted killer bodies and are motivating and are pushing each other day in and day out in order to be the very best versions of themselves. Let’s hear their story, shall we?

Strong, tone and fit!

How far do you agree with the saying “couples who sweat together, stay together”?

We completely agree with this saying, in fact we are always encouraging everyone around us to positively motivate their partners and hit the gym together. It really helps when you both share the same passion for fitness; it makes it easier to stay on track together.

How did you fall in love with each other?

To be honest, that’s a long story but in short, when we met we knew just then it was meant to be, we are too alike in aspects of life and goals. We are happy-go-lucky and both lead very active lives.

Do you think working out together has strengthened your bond?

That’s a definite yes. In fact, when I helped Zubair prepare for his first ever stage debut in the Annual National Bodybuilding show in 2015, we went through everything together and it has all made us stronger.

How does training together affect other aspects of your relationship?

Going to the gym, preparing our meals (well I do most of it anyway), planning the goals we want to achieve has really helped us grow and stay motivated together. Sometimes we are busy but then when we sit down and eat together and go for an hour’s session at the gym, and everything feels alright. It’s an indescribable feeling.

Which type of workouts do you like doing together?

We love weight-lifting and strength training! It’s so much fun; despite being supportive of each other we do however tend to compete with one another. The most favourite body parts to train together would be legs and back.

Ripped and shredded

What do you do to motivate each other?

With me it’s always reverse psychology; when he challenges me, I know I must do it. And with him, it’s mostly the same but he likes it when I scream at the top of my lungs saying “SHABBASH.” Motivation comes down to how well you can train the mind to overcome when the body says no.

Do you ever find yourselves cheating on your diets at the same time? What do you do to get back on track?

Cheating on our diets is mostly done during weekends; I’ll usually cook lentils, rice, or pulao and korma, or we’ll go out to a Bengali restaurant and binge on Bengali food, either that or we go for pizza.

Three things that changed for the both of you ever since you started working out?

Confidence, energy and having a more positive outlook on everything.

no sign of giving up

Currently, what workout goals are you both trying to reach?

Our goals are more or less the same- to keep striving to be fitter and to represent Bangladesh in an international bodybuilding competition some day.

You mentioned that you both compete with each other; who do you think is the better athlete?

Yes we compete all the time, especially with the foods we eat. At least I do and I always make sure we both get enough protein to recover from the beatings we give ourselves at the gym. We are constantly pushing each other to do better than the last session, but mostly it’s a competition with ourselves and not each other. I do believe that Zubair is definitely the better athlete as he is the one who taught me bodybuilding!

Photographs by BDMF Iftekhar Jamil