The oldest international beauty pageant is coming to Bangladesh. And we are super keyed up. However, their promotional video wasn’t as exciting as we expected it to be since the show is a representation of our country. Here’s what the video could’ve entailed:

Though the show is about showcasing the beauty standard of the country, the backdrop in the video looks nothing like any part of Bangladesh. Rather, if the video was shot in some place like Cox’s Bazar or any other scenic part of Bangladesh, it would’ve been more appealing. After all, we are representing ourselves to the world.

The visual effects are really poor and lacked attractive elements. As a result, the wardrobe and makeup look unsightly. Given that this will proceed to Miss World Pageant, on a global platform, we expected a quality promo that would have excited the nation to look forward to it.

Speaking of wardrobe and makeup, the makeover in the videos looked more like a bridal video and not a beauty pageant. In the last scene, a girl in bridal wear is seen stumbling on the floor. First of all, why is she on the floor? Secondly, imagine a Miss USA candidate star in a promo video wearing her wedding gown with a veil.

The international pageant signifies the true definition of beauty, strength, and confidence. Unfortunately, the promo failed to portray these elements.

Link to the video:

Raisa Rahim

Raisa Rahim is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. Her passion lies in styling and she loves telling stories through makeup.