Japanese delights from Izumi will certainly meet all your seaside cravings

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, Izumi is that one place that never fails to surprise us. Hence, we’ve picked out two delightful dishes from Izumi that’ll easily speak to your heart.

Grilled Salmon Roll with Hot Sauce

Tk 1600++

If you love Maki Rolls, leave it to this Izumi to keep you coming back for more. The Grilled Salmon Roll with Hot Sauce brings you the goodness of avocado coupled with Gobo pickle, Miyoga, ovaleaf, wasabi mayonnaise and of course a tender pink salmon.

Taki No Sumisoae

Tk 900++

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, by which we mean a little less rice but with a zing of flavours, then the Taki No Sumisoae will do right by you. Needless to say that there’s heaven in every bite of this octopus sashimi and spinach in tangy vinegar and miso paste.

Photographs by Din M Shibly