Get ready to witness the dashing Arifin Shuvo play the part of the goofy comic character, Basic Ali on the silver screen!

Remember the hilarious comic strip on Basic Ali by Sharier Khan, that we’ve all grown up reading? Bangladesh brings its first comic to film adaptation and it starts with the story Basic Ali! And the wacky character of Basic will be played out by the ever-so charming Arifin Shuvoo.  Having never played such a role, Shuvoo reckons that it might be a new experience for the audience.

Basic Ali

Debutante actress Riya is to play the part of the heroine opposite Shuvoo in Basic Ali. The film is being produced by a Canadian company that goes by the name Shwapno Scarecrow. Since February 2009 a compilation of the comic has been published in Panjeree Publications. 9 Basic Ali books have been published so far.