Beauty comes from within, not from the Sephora store. Makeup is a creative outlet that allows people to express themselves. With that in mind, Raisa Rahim, along with Jumman Hawladar brings you three creative makeovers for you to try.

Lavish lashes

Lavish Lashes

Lashes have the power to accentuate your eyes, even without eyeshadow and eyeliners. However, if you’re feeling a little edgy today, try out navy blue lashes. In case the colour looks overpowering, comb them with black mascara for an ombre effect.

Plump pout

Plump Pout

This makeover requires no painful surgeries or sucking on lip plumpers. The trick is easy. Take a pink lip liner, over-draw the outline of your lips. Then take a similar shade of lipstick and apply it on your lips. Pick a lighter shade of pink and pop it onto the middle of both your lips, making sure it doesn’t touch the outline of your lips. The last step is to highlight your cupid’s bow; the difference it makes is incredible. This is optional but a gloss would give an illusion of plump lips.

Faux Fringes

Faux Fringes

Taking the front section of your hair, leaving two sections from both sides, tie it into a ponytail on the crown. Bring the ponytail in the front and check the length of your fake bangs; adjust accordingly before proceeding to the next step. Now place the ponytail over your forehead and secure it with bobby pins over the crown area. Bring the rest of the hair into a bun over the first ponytail and secure with bobby pins. If your hair isn’t enough to hide the bobby pins, use a scarf as an option, to wrap it around your head like a bandana to get that retro look.

Petite lips

Petite lips

In case you are blessed with fuller lips already but want to shade down the size, the trick is to use a darker shade to outline the lips. Drag the colour a little towards the inner corners of the lips. Use a slightly lighter shade of the same colour to fill in the sparse areas. Clean the edges with a concealer and dab translucent powder over a thin layer of tissue paper so the ombre stays put.

Hair & Makeup: Jumman Hawladar

Words & Concept: Raisa Rahim

Model: Sadia Rayhan

Photographs by Sakib Muhtasim

Raisa Rahim is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. Her passion lies in styling and she loves telling stories through makeup.