The ‘Bluesman’ is back and this time with his very own album; a round of applause for Shaik Salekin’s Neel Manush


Neel Manush Artwork by Gowtom Das Gupta

You’ve seen Shaik Salekin rock out loud as guitarist for both Lalon and 12AM, now prepare to hear his melodious voice like never before, in his solo album Neel Manush. This golden album’s got 8 wonderful and uplifting tracks among which, three songs have been written by lyricist Mahin Chowdhury and one song’s melody was done by Shanjid Shahriar. The music and composition for the rest of the songs have been done by none other than the ever-so phenomenal Salekin himself. Although the album isn’t yet available for purchase or download, Salekin gave everyone a preview by releasing one song each every Thursday; and starting from 3rd August, he’s received nothing but positive feedback from every corner of Facebook.

Shaik Salekin’s photo: ICE Today Archive

When asked about which track he loves the most, he quotes that the album title is his personal favourite. “Neel Manush is someone who has the superpower to absorb human pain and restore order in the lives of people; when they do so, they become bluer,” expresses Salekin. The album has one instrumental track titled Sad Old Days, which was inspired by Scottish song Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns. A song that Salekin particularly recommends for the fans would be Phirbe Tumi Bari, where ‘Bari’ is being used as a metaphor to explain the soul. The song is based upon the soul’s need to achieve a particular goal in life. Recorded in Studios S&R, Bumblebee and Studio Bangla, Shaik Salekin’s Neel Manush will be available at; you’ll also be able to download it for free from his website