The “Nothing shoe.” You must be thinking what that is?  It’s the almost invisible, Perspex or Lucite and ecru-tone material that goes over your feet, and makes it look like you are wearing nothing when you actually are.   It is a new trend that celebrities are totally loving. We took the time to find out what these “Nothing Shoes”are all about.

Chrissy Teigan photo
To our surprise, they’re not a new type of shoe which came to trend. They are simply heels or even flats, where the strap is thinner than most others, usually open toed. The ones with heels are usually accompanied by a strap around the ankle to keep them in place.

Chrissy Teigan wears the Nothing Shoe like no other!

Alexa Chung Photo
Just remember to get a pedicure before flaunting a pair!

Alexa Chang in her ballet styled nothing shoes at the Chanel show in Paris

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