Check Out These 6 Life-Saving Hacks You Can Use To Pack Your Bags For A Hassle-Free Trip

Travelling doesn’t necessarily have to be a hassle. To make your travel diaries a bit less exhausting, here are a few hacks to make the best use of the space in your suitcase:

Cling wraps will save your day

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Cling wraps always come in handy in the kitchen. Wrap your jewellery in between cling wraps to prevent them from tangling or moving around the bag.

Grab a marker and some zip bags

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Zip outfits in a space saving bag to prevent them from getting stained by an accidental leakage around your bag. If you are feeling a bit more organised, you can also sort out your looks and mark them by days to save time on deciding what to wear. This way, you won’t feel the need to take a lot of clothes.

Don’t throw out your contact lens cases

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If you are going for a mini vacation, you can save space by storing your lotions, toners and ointments in contact lens cases.

Or your sunglass case for that matter

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To prevent your cables and wires from getting tangled, store them all in an old sunglass case.

Roll them like sushi, nice and clean

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Roll your clothes rather than folding them; this is also a very useful hack for wrinkle free clothes.

Socks can be more than just feet warmers

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Protect breakable stuff such as perfumes by slipping them into socks before packing them.

Sunerah Rahman

Sunerah Rahman studied Fashion Designing at Limkokwing University of Creativity and Technology in Malaysia. She is a connoisseur of fashion, food and good music.