She is a young woman with a vision. Tasnim Islam came all the back to Bangladesh from Canada to make a difference. Popular among listeners as RJ Tazz, the bold and energetic Tasnim stops at nothing when it comes to entertaining her listeners. Let’s get acquainted with her off-air.

Doesn’t she look stunning with red bold lips?

Have you ever been catcalled?
Yes, numerous times. And it saddens me that I am mostly catcalled by other women.

How do you respond to criticisms?
My instant reaction is the realisation that a person, who says something derogatory about others, must’ve some serious issues, is full of insecurity and has a lack of self-confidence. When faced with such a situation, I would straight up say “so what? It’s my problem, not yours.”

Do you like pineapple on pizza?
I love pizzas.On my cheat days, I can consume up to 12 large pizzas and still be able to stand on my feet; I would just need to unbutton my pants a little to breathe. However, I prefer my pizza without pineapple.

Have you ever been prank called?
Never; it’s me who prank calls everyone (giggles).

Shahtaj Monira Hashem-the partner in crime

If you were to prank call a politician, who and how would you do it?
I would prank call the Canadian Prime Minister, Justine Trudeau, and tell him that I am his long lost sister.

What do you like the most about being an RJ?
It lets me be free and progressive and also gives me the liberty to voice my opinions. In simple words, being an RJ allows me to be myself.

She always takes the wheel

As a person Tazz is…
A perfectionist. I never like making mistakes.

Many called your video Ful Diyo Koli Diyo provocative and a publicity stunt – how far do you agree with the statement?
I do not agree with the notion at all. In fact, I thought that the video was fun and something out of the box that no one has ever done in the radio industry before. I mean come on, it’s 2017.
If my video is being called provocative, then what would you call the Bangla movies which are aired on most TV channels after 10 pm? Have you watched any of the Bangla item songs? They should be censored by the media board since they do more than just Ful Dio Koli Diyo.
People like me don’t need to do anything for a publicity stunt. I am bold and my actions speak louder than words.

Tazz and Mehreen sharing the frame 

How is the real Tazz different from the Tazz we see in the dance videos?
Tazz is my alter Ego. I have created that personality exclusively for Spice FM. In reality, I am not like Tazz at all; I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the energy she can bring.

A ridiculous comment you received on social media was…
“I am ruining the culture.” I find that silly because I often get criticised for being too bold and outspoken. But I love my freedom. Also, the reason behind so much criticism is that I am a woman.

What is the nicest compliment you ever received?
“I am changing the game for the radio industry”

Define your fashion statement.
“Bold and Risky”
My shoes always have to be on point.

If you were offered the role of Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani, your response would be…
Why not? But first, teach me Hindi.

According to you, who is the hottest man alive?
Zac Efron, Trey Songs, Future, Migos, French Montana; one can easily tell that I like bad boys.

What’s your idea of a spicy love life?
Having no boundaries; when you love someone you should give it your best effort. I am a hopeless romantic. The person who has me has my soul.

How are you planning to spend your Eid vacation?
I am going to Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix concert with my best friend.

Jalali Set at 96.4 Spice FM

Your idea of an ideal first date?
Fun and flirty; wouldn’t mind a nice back rub or a foot massage either, or even going on a drive (of course, I’ll be the one driving because I’ve got some mad skills).

What’s your favourite part of your body?
I workout 6 days a week to stay fit; so I am really proud of my posterior.

In the next five years, you see yourself as…
Changing the way we look at entertainment.
Change the way we listen to radio.
I want us to move with the world.
I want to be known as the woman who broke all stereotypes and brought sexy back (just kidding).
I want to be known as a visionary who was able to help this country.
I left Canada and moved to Bangladesh because I knew I could offer a lot more here and it was the best decision of my life. Nothing feels better than living in your motherland.

Tazz and Siam are always camera ready

Is there anything you would like to change about the radio industry?
I aspire to help make our radio industry flourish and meet global standards. And most importantly, I want to see the younger generation consider radio jockey as a potential career. An RJ is the voice of the city; your voice and opinion becomes the talk of the town. Besides, the pay is great. You need to be talented enough to stand in front of the mike and entertain the listeners with your wit and spontaneity. While you’re at it, you also need to sound confident and comforting.

Raisa Rahim is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. Her passion lies in styling and she loves telling stories through makeup.