A printed saree, against a white blouse, defined by a heavy choker and diamond earrings- Frida Kahlo is an embodiment of strength and beauty. She takes this six yards of glory and drapes it like it’s her own, making the saree more than just feminine yards and turning it into a powerful work of art.
Frida is an expression of grace, power and a calm disposition.
This photo shows she is more than just florals and makeup.

Frida in a traditional Mexican dress

Rumour has it that accompanying her in the photo is Vijay Lakshmi Pandit’s daughters. The notion that saree is an extension of mystical feminine beauty is broken by this fearless painter. Her unapologetic stance to societal norms and her eyes that speak more than words can is a reflection of how Frida can take any outfit, regardless of nation and culture, and make it her own.

Natasha Rahman is the Assistant Editor of ICE Today. She enjoys the little pleasures of life, such as food and aerobics.