Upon opening an old book, one might find themselves investing in a few more things other than the plot of the story. Between the pages of the book, you might find interesting artifacts that will take you by surprise.

Squished bug

When you turn to a new page, there is a distinct smell that spirals out of the folds;  the smell tells you about its journey and the places it has been.  The journey takes a turn and on the next page you notice this 3-D spot. Before you realise it is a squished insect, you start investigating the mould with your finger.



Some people have dedicated bookmarks and are likely to have a full collection of it, while others would mark the pages with whatever they find at hand’s reach. This age-old habit is the reason why one might find ridiculous things between the pages of an old book which ranges from an old photo to air tickets.


Art works

Some books will tell about its previous owner- was he an artist or an ordinary man? Did the person suffer from a short attention span and scribbled away in between his reading hours? Yes, when you’re reading an old book, it is likely that you’ll find doodles, random writings, and geometric shapes which, reveals the kind of readers she or he was.



This is the most common thing you will stumble upon while reading an old book. Many tend to leave flowers, flower petals and tiny notes for reasons that are unknown. The book works as the keeper of all things special or perhaps simply fascinating to us. The things we keep between the pages of a book are engraved as little fragments of memory.


Don’t be surprised the next time you find something strange in an old book.