Raisa Rahim, along with makeup artist Sanjana Hossain creates three makeup looks using only one makeup product

Concept & Words: Raisa Rahim
Makeup & Hair: BeautyCraft by Sanjana ( Sanjana Hossain)
Models: Samira Mahi, Mysha, Sadia
Photographs: Miftah Rahman (studio ISo)

“Are you ready?
Did you just forget about Alana’s farewell party?
Don’t worry. I’ll be there on time, I promise.”
If you ever find yourself in a situation with no makeup products but a lipstick in your purse and your friend suddenly reminds you of that event you forgot about, we have got your back!

Devil and the diva
Take out the red lipstick from your purse and get started. Follow these simple techniques. For a bold look , apply the red lipstick shade all over your lid and trace the colour outwards for a dramatic wing. Do not drag the shade above your crease, as it may become too over the top. Next, taking more lipstick on the tip of your finger, smudge it carefully along your lower lashline. You can also darken the upper lashline by applying more lipstick onto it.
When contouring, make sure to apply very little lipstick. Instead of dragging the product with your finger, apply onto the hollows of your cheeks with a dabbing motion, blending it upwards. Finally, make a statement with bold red lips.

Purple prose
For the eyes, pick up a little bit of the shade onto the tip of your index finger. Then, dab and apply the shade to the outer corner of your lids. Remember to add the shade little by little, slowly building up the colour. Once the outer corner is defined, taking another finger, blend the purple shade halfway across your crease ever-so-slightly. Define and deepen the lashline taking the same shade on the side of your finger (not the tip) dragging it outwards to add wings.
To contour, drag the lipstick shade along the hollows of your cheeks starting from the top. Now, gently blend it upwards. Be careful not to put too much on your cheeks since you are working with a darker shade. You can also drag the contour to the temples and jaw lines. Finish off the look with the same shade on your lips.

Pot of gold
Prep the eyes by applying the pink lipstick all over the lid little at a time; making sure that the shade is blended below the crease level. It needs to be done lightly so we get a soft pink shade on the lids. Now, smudge and deepen the upper lashline using the side of your finger (not the tip) to achieve a wing in the corner of your eye. Smudge the lower lashline with the pink shade to finish off the eye look.
To contour, dab the lipstick with a light hand and blend upwards to give it a blush-like finish. Make sure you use very little colour on the cheeks. Apply the same shade on your lips, pout and make a dramatic entrance.