Music Video for Saudi Women's Rights

Saudi women are killing it in this music video where they ask for equal rights.

Posted by AJ+ on Monday, January 2, 2017


A group of Saudi women took the internet by storm with a music video that spoke volumes of women empowerment. While fully covered in Abaya and niqab, these women are grooving to the song titled ‘obsessions’, as an appeal for equal rights for women in Saudi Arabia. Since the video has riled up the web, here are four things that we absolutely loved about it:

  • Despite wearing the Abaya and niqab, these women managed to keep the video as colourful and charming as possible. That serves as an irony to what life is for women raised in Saudi Arabia.
  • What makes this video quirky is its depiction of Saudi women engaging in activities which are frowned upon in their society; such as riding skateboards and driving plastic cars, which heckles the Saudi policy of banning women from driving cars.
  • Through this video, they broke the social stigma that is attached to the women in Saudi Arabia. The video shows the societal pressures that women in Saudi are subjected to on a regular basis.

The women in Saudi are banned from travelling alone, marrying their partner of choice and also sometimes working or getting health care without permission from a male relative. What’s admirable about these women is that, despite coming from an extremely conservative background, they dared to put their neck on the line and come up with something this flamboyant.