Makeup lets you discover a felt sense of your personality, taste and how you portray yourself to your surroundings. It is not just about looking good, but also feeling good. This month’s makeover will allow you to loosen up your personality and open up to new transformations. Call out your spirit animal and connect with them to bring about creative makeup styles. To fancy your imagination, we have added a few dramatic features of the spirit animals to the looks. But, they are absolutely wearable at any occasion by toning it down a notch.

Concept and words: Raisa Rahim
Makeup & hair: Aniqa Alam
Photographer: Eivan Shardar
Models: Abony, Bembem, Samin, Jennifer 


A swan’s songA swan’s song
You’re graceful and committed. Your spirit animal symbolises inner beauty and wisdom. To bring out the intuitive personality of the swan, a silver shimmery shadow is blended across the brow bones. For dramatic effect, feathers are drawn from on the eyelids but you can skip that for a normal occasion. Add a black or dark grey shadow to the lid. Then, taking a taupe shade, blend the crease. For this look, keep contouring to minimum and highlight intensely along the cheekbones, bridge of your nose, inner corners of your eyes and chin. Also, add a little highlight to the cupid’s bow. Opt for a cherry red lipstick.


Rattling rampageRattling rampage
This look is intense for the snake signifies spiritual guidance. If your spirit animal is the snake, you must be aware of your healing abilities. To create a wearable version of this look, first, apply a forest green shadow to your eyelids. Then define the crease with a black eye shadow focusing mostly on the outer corner. Remember that blending is key to achieving a finer look, especially when you’re working with dark shades as such. Now, taking a matte cream shade, highlight the brow bones and inner corners of your eyes. Draw a nice with liner, making sure that the ends are thin and pointy. Now taking a purple shade, smudge the lower lash lines. Finish the eye look with falsies. For the cheeks, opt for a dark brown shade of contour. You may or may not use blush, but if you do, pick a mauve shade and apply a very little amount to your cheeks. Make a bold statement with a dark violet lipstick to complement the eyes.


spirit-animal-03Oh, deer!
Though innocent in nature, this creature has a nimble mind and an agile body. If your spirit animal is a deer, your ideal eyebrow routine should resemble that of Cara Delevingne. As for the eyes, apply a gold shade to the lid and blend the crease area with a matte brown shade. Add mascara to the lashes and finish off with a double winged liner to add drama to the look. With a white or nude liner, tight line the water lines and wear long wispy lashes. Keep the contour intense but go easy on the highlights for this look. Add a mauve lipstick and blush to complete the look.


spirit-animal-04Can’t be tamed
Cheetah symbolises raw feelings, emotions and primal instinct. You can bring these features out by using contrasting shades of bronze and champagne. This look requires intense contouring and highlighting. Apply a matte cream shade all over the eyes. Then, deepen the hollows of the crease by using a dark brown shade. Taking the same shade, smudge the lower lash lines. Instead of using eyeliner, opt for lashes. Contour the hollows of your cheeks and apply a champagne highlight on the high points of your face. Paint the lips with a nude pink lipstick and put a rose gold gloss in the middle of both your lips for added sheer.

Raisa Rahim is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. Her passion lies in styling and she loves telling stories through makeup.