Le Méridien’s exclusive Mediterranean themed rooftop restaurant ‘Olea’ boasts more than just exquisite food and amazing service from the hotel’s dedicated and enthusiastic staff, but also a level of interior decoration that creates one of a kind atmosphere rarely found even in other 5 star establishments.
As soon as you walk through the doors of Olea, you are transported to another world. Everything from the beautifully tiled floor, evoking images of an opulent palace in Saudi Arabia, to the magnificently crafted furniture with designs ranging from oriental to west Mediterranean which is as comfortable as it is easy on the eyes.
look-inside-03The walls of Olea are lined with beautiful handcrafted pottery and china, almost like a tapestry of various styles used across the Mediterranean both modern and antique.
The Moroccan/Arabian styled marquees provide an elegant accommodation for restaurant goers, so authentic and true to their inspiration, that it truly is difficult to remember that you haven’t been magically transported the Middle East.
Everything from the Turkish style of lighting, combined with the fusion of various Mediterranean styles of furniture design and the contrast of the light shades and colours works together to provide a sense of exoticness that is simply not available anywhere else in Dhaka.
The Olea’s Shisha continues this trend of sublime interior design. Offering Authentic Meduse Hookah pipes handcrafted from the Czech Republic and made of Belgian crystal found nowhere else in Bangladesh, with modern Egyptian styled seating and wall design, the Shisha lounge in Olea is not just a great place to relax and unwind, but an experience one simply cannot indulge in unless they were to travel to the most opulent Shisha lounges of Egypt itself.