The Mughal Experience

Interior Special Look Inside 

By Fatima Faheem


Originated from the glorious royal kitchen of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the very last Nawab of Awadh, Shiraz Mughlai Feast Restaurant’s cuisine is the latest addition to the food hub of Dhaka. “The architectural theme of Shiraz is inspired from the Mughal era because the history goes back to that time,” says Seema Haider Chaudhury, owner of the Shiraj franchise. She elaborates on the intricacies of the interior. “The interior is carefully done with arch carved perfectly on the walls to make it look like a royal spot, recreating the Mughal glory of times gone by.” The exquisite paintings on the walls have been brought from India which intensifies the regal scene. The white walls and lamplights create a perfect ambiance which is surely going to give the customers an experience of time travel to the Mughal time period. “The entire setting is harmonised in line with the cuisine – the Mughal core. From the décor we can see directly from the fine dining halls of the Mughals with a contemporary touch, each artefact has been chosen meticulously with the theme in mind,” Seema reveals. Everything is befitted according to the Mughal theme as Shiraj has adopted the secret recipes of the royal kitchen call ‘Dum Pukht’, a culinary style consisting of aromatic ingredients and aphrodisiacs. Shiraz has opened up various branches and franchises in different prime locations of Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Dubai. The legendary Mughal cuisines of ‘Shiraz’ have now begun their journey in Dhaka, carrying forward the legacy of their royal heritage. Offering mouth-watering Mughlai food to patrons all over the city, the warmth of the staff and the presentation of meals give guests a fining dining experience.

Shiraj mughlai feast restaurant
Uday Tower,57&57/A, Gulshan
Avenue (South),Circle-1
Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh