Photographs by Kazi Mukul  Model: Samir

No matter how sharp the suits, how Swiss the watch and how shiny the shoes, your hygiene is just as noticeable as the tie that completes your ensemble. Proper grooming practices ensure that the ‘look’ that is given by the man behind the apparel is as memorable. When it comes to personal hygiene, the following stepscan help you nail a dapper look

Managing your mane
If you style your hair with gel, you should switch to a styling paste or wax. These products are not as harmful to your hair and prevent thinning.
Apply shampoo to your dry hair in order to remove any product; following a rinse, shampoo your hair again.
Use an egg wash once a month which provides protein for your hair. Also, use a conditioner if you regularly swim as chlorine binds to the proteins in your hair and creates cuticles.
Lastly, Avoid cold rinses because they restrict the capillaries that provide nutrients to your scalp.

Shaving grace
Cleanse your face with warm water because hot water can dry the skin and lead to irritation after shaving.
Giving yourself a day off from shaving, allows your skin to rest thus giving you a smoother finish.
Remember to apply your shaving cream in a circular motion; this allows the facial hairs that grow in different directions to be easily removed. For a cleaner and smoother shave, add shaving oil to the gel, foam or cream that you are using.
Lastly, use an aloe vera gel or moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated from frequent shaving. Skip the after shave.


Deodorants and scents are like articles of clothing; they layer with one another.
Use an antiperspirant that has minimal fragrance- it will stop your body odour and allow your scent to stand out. If the particular cologne that you are using has a deodorant, layer it with that.
Apply your cologne to the chest, bicep and collarbone. This allows for a detectable scent that lasts throughout the day.
Keep a travel size of your cologne because most fragrances leave the skin within a few hours.
And finally, avoid using body sprays. These sprays do not control body odour effectively, they simply blend with your natural body odour to create a smell you would rather avoid.

For healthy skin, go for a face wash instead of soap. The skin on your face is slightly acidic and the alkaline nature of soaps cause drying and depletion from the skin’s natural protective barrier.
When it comes to the eyes, apply an eye balm or cream as the skin around the eye is the most sensitive. Energise your skin with nutrient moisturisers that have caffeine and vitamin C; these products help to counteract the stress that takes a toll on your skin.
For some final pampering, enjoy a clay mask regularly. Not only do masks remove dirt and oil from the pores, they improve the texture and the tone.