The turban is quickly becoming one of this season’s most ethnic and creative fashion statements. Aidha Cader together with makeup artist, Tarek reveals new inspirations for you to work with this season

Photographs by Riyad Ashraf

Eyes: Silver eye shadow is blended under the brows to highlight the brow bones, which is followed by the application of pink eye shadow across the lids. To add definition to the eyes, purple eye shadow is blended on the outer corners. Black eyeliner is used to define the lash line followed by a coating of black mascara on lashes.
Cheeks: To accentuate the cheek bones and jawline, brown blusher is used to contour the areas..
Lips: The lips are given a touch of purple to finish off the bold look.
Hair: The African Gele is a fun and creative way to tie up your scarves. Fold two scarves keeping a 6-inch width on each. Use the first scarf and wrap it around the head from the back to the front, towards the forehead. Ensure that the ends at the front are equal. Next, take the left side, wrap it along your right side all the way round the left ear and secure with pins. At this point the left side of the Gele will be shorter than that of the right side. Take the right side and cross it over the left side of the Gele. Then, wrap the right side (the longer side) around the head to the back, and secure with pins at the back.
On the side and at the back, arrange the scarf into levels and layers. Repeat with the other scarf to complete the style.
Eyes: Gold eye shadow is applied across the lids followed by a pale green eye shadow along the upper lash line extending outwards. To add some definition to the eyes, grey eye shadow is blended at the outer corners of the lids extending along the crease. The eye look is finished by double coating the lashes with mascara.
Cheeks: A blend of bronze and brown shade of blusher is applied across the cheeks.
Lips: The pout is painted with a bold bronze tone metallic lipstick.
Hair: Pleat the scarf so that the width is about 6 inches. Place the centre of the scarf on the forehead and take the ends to the nape of the neck. Secure it with pins. Take another scarf, pleated to 6 inch in width, with its centre placed on the crown, bringing it towards the rear. Continue to alternate between the two scarves until it’s all wrapped up.
Eyes: Black eye shadow is blended across the lids extending outwards. To highlight the brow bones, carefully apply a silver eye shadow underneath it. Use a black kohl stick to define the lash lines extending across the lower corners towards the nose. Apply gold eye shadow at on the inner corners to bring out the eyes. Finish off by adding some oomph to the lashes with a coating of mascara.
Cheeks: Brown blusher is used on the cheeks to enhance the look.
Lips: A touch of gold is added to the lips to complement the bronzed cheeks.
Hair: Fold two scarves into 6-inch width panels. Place the centre at the back of the neck and bring one side to the front. Criss-cross it around the forehead by placing the second scarf the same way but in reverse direction. Secure both scarves at the rear and use pearl head pins to keep it in place around the forehead. Continue to alternate between the scarves by criss-crossing at the front until 2/3rd of the scarf fabric is wrapped up. Tie it at the rear and let the extra piece hang loose along the shoulders.

Staying within the fringes of mainstream cultures, Aidha Cader, ICE Today’s culture connoisseur has inculcated an appreciation for food, history, travel and art beyond her comfort zone.