Owner and designer of Zoan Ash, Asma Sultana on embedding cultural heritage in her design and how she is preparing for the upcoming LA Fashion Week in October

Compared to the other South East Asian countries, Singapore is relatively up to date with fashion and culture. “This is one of the reasons why I decided to showcase my line there initially. The Singapore Polo Brunch was a trunk show and it being a socialite event, I feel my collection was welcomed very well. There were people from other countries as well in that event,” she shares. Hence I got well deserved exposure with the event.
Her new collection took a lot of time and creativity, and her efforts paid off with the kind of response her line garnered. “My major inspirations revolved around the Oscars, the fashion runways, the royal socialites and even the Kardashians! I love how glam is incorporated into designs,” she explains. Sultana hopes that when women notice her designs and selects it for themselves, they should feel empowered and visualize that they are part of a glamorous lifestyle. “Currently, I am preparing my collection for LA fashion week which is scheduled in October and will be experimenting with our national heritage fabrics as a means to take a bit of Bangladesh with me internationally,” the designer reveals.
Sultana observes the rise in demand for unique and gorgeous dresses, and this keeps her constantly on her toes. “Living in a culture such as ours we have frequent festive occasions. As fashion changes frequently, the challenge lies in understanding the clientele needs and people’s change in taste as well,” Sultana comments. “There are some clients that like to stick to classics whereas others like to experiment with style so it’s always important to keep these aspects in mind,” she says.
To describe her latest collection she says it should personify a walk through a glamorous garden. “My collection features a lot of floral embellishments, leafy vines and three dimensional flowers,” she reveals.

Her signature style will revolve around florals, however, she is experimenting with tulle fabrics and sequins embroidered onto them and even two toned sequined fabrics. “I am also implementing more runway inspired cuts such as cape dresses, halter necks, off shoulder dresses, empire waist, ball gowns, sheath, pencil cuts and cocktail dresses. Simultaneously Sultana is also using Bangladesh’s heritage fabrics to bring out something truly unconventional.