Aidha Cader together with Farzana Shakil spruces up macho looks for the modern man.

Be it our favourite characters on Game of Thrones to football players keeping a beard is now seen as a mark of confidence.

Photographer: Kaushiq Iqbal
Model: Itmam, Rio, Rupom

The Long and Layered

Beard: Initially, resist the urge to trim your beard, when you decide to give it a go. Allow it to grow for 4 to 6 weeks as some strands will grow faster than others.
Pick a style to suit your face shape. For an oblong or rectangular face trim the bottom and keep the sides fuller.
Hair: For curly hair, cut it at the shoulder and layer the ends. The top hair also needs to be long and layered to help weighing it down.
Spray water onto the hair to activate the curls. Mix ‘wax’ with ‘leave-on –conditioner’ and apply it onto the hair, starting from the roots to tip. Use your fingertips to roll the curls gently and set it into place.

The Long and Knotted

Beard: Once it has grown to your required length trim it to maintain shape. First, comb to untangle your hair and let the hair settle onto one direction. Using a high-grade clipper to setting number 3 and trim the sides. Use a hair-cutting scissor to shape the beard along the chin. For a better idea on the look of the beard, trim the beard when the hair is dry. For a round face its best keep the sides shorter and the bottom longer.
Man Bun: The length is the most crucial component in creating a man bun. The hair has to be at least 12 to 16 inches long for a bun to settle well at the top of your head. With shorter hair, a bun can be created more towards the back of your head. Scoop up all your hair toward the crown and pass it through an elastic band. Pass the hair through the band for the second time but do it only halfway. This will create a loop. Using the ends of the hair from the second passing twist it around the loop and create a bun.

The Long and Short

Beard: Maintain the beard by washing it regularly. Use a cleanser and wash well to avoid dry skin. Avoid towel drying it as this can lead to frizz and split ends. Regular trimming should maintain the shape.
For a square face, a trim beard shall accentuate the jaw line. Use a clipper at number 2 for a stubble.
Hair: If your hair is naturally straight have the sides short with long bangs. It looks great for slim men with prominent jaw lines and cheekbones. This hairstyle also looks good for men with large foreheads.