“Be it for fashion or vision, a frame should be a means of comfort and clarity,”

By Rubab Nayeem Khan

Fashion Optics Ltd has been a one-stop shop that provides top-notch eyewear for Dhakaites. Having been in the market since 1975, Fahimul Islam, Director of Fashion Optics Ltd, draws light on the aspects that has this business up and running.
Fahimul reckons that eyewear is different from other forms of fashion. At Fashion Optics Ltd, they provide the customers an assortment of styles, so that they can choose as per their tastes. “We provide various collections and materials to choose from, such as titanium, stainless-steel, carbon fibre, as well as acetated frames,” he informs. Being a niche market, eyewear fashion has undergone tremendous changes. Fahimul too has experienced such shifts, in terms of demand for brands, trends, as well as level of customer satisfaction at Fashion Optics Ltd.
“Last year we brought in acetated frames. These are light-weight and are purchased by both male and female in different colours,” points out Fahimul. He explains that the shiny material brings out the face of the wearer, thus enhancing their beauty. “Brands such as Esprit, Rocco, Porsche Design, Elle, Calvin Klein, Lacoste are the most popular ones among the youth,” elaborates Fahimul.
According to Fahimul, every face is unique in its own way, and at Fashion Optics Ltd, there’s an array of frames to choose from. He says, “A frame isn’t just for correcting eyesight, it should create the perfect look as well. A comfortable, light weighted frame that sits on the nose gently with ease is the best choice for a daily wear. Of course when you are going on a social gathering with your family or friends you can opt for something more colourful.” Fahimul suggests that men should go for coloured square or rectangular frames to make a fashion statement. For girls, cat’s eye or oval frames are quite trending. “Be it for fashion or vision, a frame should be a means of comfort and clarity,” states Fahimul.
He also mentions that Fashion Optics Ltd does right by their clients by catering over 50 international brands in Bangladesh. “We have a large number of customers who are deeply loyal to certain brands. Hence our inventory is up to date with the latest trends from other parts of Asia, Europe and America. Whether it’s the oval shaped frame from PSY’s music video or the square shaped ones donned by James Bond, we do our best to offer our client base the latest styles,” concludes Fahimul.