Photographs by Abu Naser

Fishy Chicky Bang Bang Tk.750
Pepper Mayo Salmon Tk. 750
Flaming Seafood Platter Tk.800
Hooked on Hake Tk.800
Oyster Roulette Tk.500
Strawberry Flamin-go Tk.280
Opening a quaint restaurant under the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Fish Market has satiated the desire for seafood for 187 years. From the island that doesn’t sleep to across the world, the market is the lighthouse that guides you to the shore of an appetising culinary voyage.
Our journey begins by testing our courage for the water with their Oyster Roulette. A daring gulp of poached oysters with a shot of heat from the cayenne and chilli peppers, the oyster retains its slippery texture and together with the tang of lemon, it is definitely for the true ocean explorer.
We venture into calmer waves with the Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger. The poached salmon retains its juicy definitive flavour, which is complemented with the hint of spice from the pepper mayo. The fish is placed on a sunny-side up egg, which oozes as you bite into it. The entire ensemble is then rested on a crisp bed of lettuce and paired with a side of signature chips.
Plunging deeper into the depths of fried galore, The Fishy Chicky Bang Bang is nothing like the icy, dark depths. It is a crisp golden fried fillet of dory and chicken breast with velvety cheese melt at its centre. The tender meat and fish are encased in the chef’s special batter, which gives the burger that wonderful crunch. The elements of the meal are completed with an egg nestled in a spaghetti basket and chips.
Sailors have explored far and wide to discover legends such as the narwhale. However, the fish market captured Hooked on Hake. A meaty fish, grilled perfectly with its skin. It is topped with their special fiery hot sauce that has the smokiness of a barbeque. The fluffy seasoned rice and crunchy bite of carrots and broccoli are a medley of textures in one meal.
Venturing back to its origins, the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter offers the best of a vast variety that can be caught from the sea. We start with the crispy battered oysters and calamari, and the house recommended cod. However, all eyes will be on the platters’ flaming prawn; the grilled prawns are smothered with a generous signature cheese sauce and flamed as it arrives on your table. The meal is completed with rice and vegetables.
Every journey in the land of food must end sweet and the desserts at Manhattan Fish Company will satisfy any sweet tooth out there. The Strawberry Flamin-Go explores the more tropical waters, with a fruity mango pudding, strawberry and their chocolate syrup.
Moving onto the signature mocktails, we have a row of stunning drinks that will quench your thirst. The Melon Breeze incorporates the sugary sweetness of strawberry and watermelon with citrus and lemon. The Brooklyn Sunset is a medley of mouth-watering mango juice with a hint of strawberry. The Hawaiian Breeze is simply a tropical paradise. Finally, the aqua glow of the Gummy Bear brings back childhood nostalgia; the feeling of being in a candy shop.

Manhattan Fish market
Ahmed Tower, 28-30 Kemal Ataturk Avenue,
Banani, Dhaka-1213