Tribal Grunge

Eyes Silver eye shadow is blended across the lids with thick black eyeliner finishing the eyes.
Cheeks A brown blush is used across the cheeks to contour the features.
Lips Silver and neutral tone lipsticks are applied for a grunge appeal.
Hair Hair mousse is applied on wet hair and left to naturally dry out.
Cuffs Parineeta Gold is used to accessorise the look.

Model: Samin

Golden Glamour

Eyes Golden eye shadow is applied across the lids with a fine tip at the inner corners. Black eyeliner is drawn along the lash lines, followed by a heavy coating of mascara.
Cheeks Bronze shimmer is brushed on the cheekbones.
Lips A soft gold lipstick is applied for a regal look.
Hair Hair is parted at the centre and combed into a sleek ponytail at the nape of the neck.
Jewellery Nakshatra Jewellers is used to accessorise the look.

Model: Isha

Photos by Riyad Ashraf

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