Autumn Fresh

Hello Radiance

Eyes: Apply orange eye shadow across the lids. Blend the corners with a shade of brown eye shadow. Apply eyeliner across the lash lines followed by a coating of mascara on lashes.
Cheek: A blend of orange and brown blusher on cheeks.
Lips: Orange lipstick with a touch of gloss.
Hair: Backcomb the hair to create volume. Comb it down and tie into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Soft Shimmer

Eyes: Keep eyes looking natural and minimalistic with a blend pink and beige eye shadow on the lids. A fine line of eyeliner is drawn across the lash line followed by mascara.
Cheeks: Pink blusher on cheeks.
Lips: Pink lipstick.
Hair: Hair is blow-dried with soft curls at the ends.

Deep Meditation

Eyes: Apply black eye shadow across the lids and blend it along the lower lash lines to create a smoky look. Draw black eyeliner across the lash lines followed by mascara on lashes.
Cheeks: Use a maroon tone blusher along the cheekbones.
Lips: Deep maroon matte lipstick.
Hair: Comb hair and tie a ponytail at the crown. Twist the hair to create a topknot.

Staying within the fringes of mainstream cultures, Aidha Cader, ICE Today’s culture connoisseur has inculcated an appreciation for food, history, travel and art beyond her comfort zone.