Photo: Ashraf Uddin Apu

When it comes to desserts, ice cream has always been a favourite. Be it creamy or fruity, a dollop of ice cream always hits the spot after a heavy meal. That being said, Dipsydo’s is a new name in the dessert department that introduces flavours which are bound to satisfy your tastebuds. This vibrant little joint has won the hearts of ice cream lovers with their unique ways. Apart from serving a generous amount of ice cream, they are also known for making ice cream right in front of their customers. Now that’s something new!

Chocoliciously Yours

Dipsydo’s does justice to chocolate with this flavour. The Triple Choco Treat has been an instant hit.

How it is made: A soft piece of brownie, an Oreo and a stick of Kit-Kat on the side along with oodles of chocolate chips sprinkled in a cup of creamy chocolate ice cream. Surprisingly, the mixture doesn’t taste too heavy; so it’s safe to say that you’ll definitely be coming back for more. This, indeed, is ‘the cup of happiness!’

For whom: If you love your cup of ice cream full to the brim, this is one that you should definitely order.

Pink Promise

Although this is a predictable flavour, Dipsydo’s brings to you a charming little surprise with their strawberry ice cream which will certainly lift your spirits.

How it is made: The ice cream is topped off with strawberry syrup which leaves a pleasant yogurt aftertaste in your palate. The syrup brings the flavours to a balance and also creates a rather colourful texture.

For Passion Play

This combination is an absolute delight. If you want something refreshing, passion fruit is a flavour that should be right up your alley. Appearance wise it looks rather simple, but the taste is certainly a winner. Once you take a spoonful, you’ll bite into chunks of passion fruit which gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re in the mood for something light, you can’t go wrong with passion fruit.

Hello Sugar

The caramel flavour is one which is bursting with sweetness. A soft serving of creamy caramel ice cream made into rolls and drizzled in caramel syrup is bound to give you a sugar rush! Taste wise, this one is much sweeter in comparison to the Triple Choco Treat. The sweetness is a bit too overwhelming which makes the flavour rather heavy. However, if sweetness is not an issue for you, then feel free to dig right in!

Address: House 1A, Road: 16A, Gulshan-1